Guests may choose from three breakfast baskets options.  Baskets include an entrée and a side dish chosen by the cook.  Juice is also included.

Our breakfast basket choices include the following:

European Brunch: This basket includes our widest variety of entrees. If you like a more worldly flair, this may be your style. Dishes range from quiche to German pancakes.

Citrus Splash: This basket is bright and colorful in its flavor and presentation. On a warm summer day touches of orange and lemon may help to cool you off. Entrees may include French toast with orange cream or Dutch baby pancakes with fresh lemon. A side dish of bacon, ham or sausage makes it hearty. Lemon yogurt with strawberries finishes this choice.

Garden Harvest:  We enjoy shopping and cooking with fresh fruits and veggies. If this is your choice, you may be sampling an herb frittata with garden vegetables, blueberry muffins or rhubarb coffeecake. Fresh fruit cups or skewers accompany this red and white picnic basket.

Notes about this type of breakfast:

If the weather cooperates and you wish, you can enjoy your breakfast out in our backyard or in our gazebo.

Baskets are delivered to the Guest House kitchen door between the hours of 7:00-9:00 a.m., you pick the time you have your breakfast.

Baskets feature an entree, side dish and juice for each guest. Dishes are prepared using seasonal ingredients, and therefore vary throughout the year.

The fixings for coffee (regular and decaf ), tea, cocoa, and cider are provided in the Guest House and are available for the guests to make when they wish.

If you are staying just one night, just leave the basket on the counter and dishes in the sink. If you are staying multiple nights, you  can let us know when it is convenient for us to pick up the basket, and a new one will be delivered the next day.